India’s Glorious Past: Decline and Resurgence


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India’s glorious past is embedded with a rich Scientific and Technological Heritage from the Vedic age and is an inspiration to create a scientifically advanced and spiritually enlightened human society in which peace; prosperity and happiness together create a haven on earth.

India was land of Peace loving people with scientific bent of mind. It was prosperous India – The Golden eagle of the world. It was enlightened India as its wisdom glowed the world over. The society was scientifically advanced and spreading a culture of Science and Technology to create a happy and healthy living in harmony with nature. Our country was mighty powerful but still making no invasion, harming no one yet influencing the whole world by its scientific traditions and spiritual wisdom.

There were numerous scientists with significant contribution to the development of civilization. India’s Ancient Scientists Atreya, Agnivesa  and Shushruta  were Medical Scientists during 800 BC.  Bhaskaracharya, Varahmihir, Bodhayan  were ancient astronomers and mathematicians . The law of gravitation was discovered by Brahmagupta in 598 A.D which was only anticipated after 1100 years by Newton declaring “all things fall to the earth by law of nature.” Pingala, author of Chandasutra explored the relationship between combinatorics and musical theory. The ‘Pythagoras theorem’ was already stated in Sulva Sutras by Baudhayana’s  in 6BC. Arya Bhatta discovered the method of finding out the areas of a triangle, a trapezium and a circle. The approximate value of an ‘irrational number’.In the geometry of the circle,and Zero was  given by Arybhatta. The decimal system was known to Aryabhatta and Brahmagupta long before its appearance in the writings of the Arabs and the Syrians. It was adopted by China from Buddhist missionaries; and Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarazni, the greatest mathematician of his age  850 A.D seems to have introduced it into Baghdad. As early as the 2 B.C. Nagarjuna devoted an entire volume to mercury. Kanaada, 600 B. C the founder of the Vaisesika system of philosophy, expounded that the entire matter in this world consists of atoms as many in kind as the various elements. Artharveda says that there are seven types of sun’s rays, sapta surayasya rasmayah, signifying seven colors of light.  Umasvati, first century A.D. suggested that atoms of opposite qualities alone combined and the atoms attracted or repelled as they were heterogeneous or homogenous. The art of Navigation was born in the  Sindh river 6000 years ago. There is overwhelming evidence that Indian civilization traded with the Egyptians using ships.  Rig Veda makes several references to ships used to cross the “Samudra. Susruta Samhita, (600 B.C.) the Hindu medical chronicle said about plastic surgery in India. Caraka Samhita, (300 BC) Sutra Sthana Nidan Sthana (8 chapters) ,Viman Sthana (8 chapters),Sharir Sthana (8 chapters) ,Indriya Sthana (12 chapters) ,Chikitsa Sthana (30 chapters) ,Kalpa Sthana (12 chapters) ,Siddhi Sthana (12 chapters) . Acharya Bharadwaj (800BC) authored the “Yantra Sarvasva” which includes astonishing and outstanding discoveries in aviation science, space science and flying machines. He has described three categories of flying machines. First one flies on earth from one place to another. The second one is that travels from one planet to another and the last one that travels from one universe to another.

Sadly this glorious past was lost due to Invaders, Colonial Rule ,Foreign Education ,erosion in values and ethics ,Lack in research, and poor quality of education in India .

images (4)The silver lining in the dark is that we are returning to the nature, Natural medicines, natural fertilizers, natural fuels ( Bio Fuels) , Natural food, natural preservatives and natural water harvesting and purification systems .We are today in a knowledge age where the wisdom of antiquity can be synthesized with the most modern science and technology .The Aim and conclusion is that the  knowledge; jyana, and the science; vijyana, both are considered to be highly useful not only to attain prosperity and happiness but also to acquire immense capability to enable the entire mankind to elevate itself to the level of godliness. We must clearly understand, a mind devoid of orientation to serve the society cannot attain the levels of existence as: face to face with the divinity and proclaim  I am God !

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