Mathematics and Ethics

I have an interesting question to put forward to you all. A person wants to buy an article which costs only Rs 100. The shopkeeper tells him that he will give 20 percent discount and charge 10 percent tax.  The shopkeeper leaves it entirely on the person to ask for either discount first followed by … Continue reading Mathematics and Ethics


New India: Yet another Goal Post !

   As per the latest figures released by RBI the GDP for the last quarter fell from 7.9 to 5.7 % as exactly predicted by former PM Dr Manmohan Singh even while he along with highly acclaimed economists had to face rhetoric of “Hard work Vs Harvard”. We spent 8000 crores to print new currency … Continue reading New India: Yet another Goal Post !

Demonetization : The ill conceived move

As per the annual report by RBI only 8.9 crores notes of Rs 1000 rupee currency have not come back to the system out of a total of 670 crores notes that were in the circulation as on November 8, 2016. It is barely 1.3 percent of Rs total currency notes that didn't return after … Continue reading Demonetization : The ill conceived move

4 Principles of Spirituality

It is not important whether you believe in spirituality or not, the four principles of spirituality apply to all from the moment one is born and will remain there till the end! Four principles of spirituality The First Principle states: "Whomsoever you encounter is the right one" This means that no one comes into our … Continue reading 4 Principles of Spirituality

Sardar Sampuran Singh kalra “Gulzar”

In 1963 during the making of  "Bandini"  by Bimal Roy Shailendra who was writing the lyrics for the songs had an  altercation with music director SD Burman. The great Burman Dada then refused to work with Shailendra.  All songs except one were already penned down by Shailendra.   A worried Bimal Roy was told about a … Continue reading Sardar Sampuran Singh kalra “Gulzar”

Naz and Gulnawaz : Dubai Court Case

Unlike the situation here in India and Pakistan the two communities live in perfect harmony with each other in the gulf region and especially in UAE. If you happen to travel by taxi  driven by Pakistani driver and  manage to talk to them and ask about their families back in Pakistan then they become so … Continue reading Naz and Gulnawaz : Dubai Court Case