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Melting River

MELTING RIVER: This is River Hay - Alexandra Waterfall located in Tundra Region of Canada. It remains frozen for 6 months, but towards the end of April, within a few hours, it starts flowing once the ice starts melting. See the incredible filming. A treat to the eye... 👇

Demonetization : Some pertinent questions

Now eight months after Demonetization, Government must be preparing the authentic documents in case some people file an RTI to seek information on various counts and the effects of demonetization. The information cannot be just as per the estimate or according to a source in the government. It has to be substantiated by the statistical … Continue reading Demonetization : Some pertinent questions

India’s Glorious Past: Decline and Resurgence

  India’s glorious past is embedded with a rich Scientific and Technological Heritage from the Vedic age and is an inspiration to create a scientifically advanced and spiritually enlightened human society in which peace; prosperity and happiness together create a haven on earth. India was land of Peace loving people with scientific bent of mind. … Continue reading India’s Glorious Past: Decline and Resurgence